Monday, December 8, 2008

Cleopatra's Path to the Top

OK, Cleopatra did not have it easy as a queen or pharaoh of Egypt. When her dad was in power, he was hated so much by the Egyptians, he ran away to Rome! After he died...and her two older sisters died, she finally became a queen--at age 18. Less than ideal circumstances, if you ask me. Not only that....I always thought she was one of the most beautiful women of Egypt...I found out without the cool clothes and snazzy haircut, she actually looked like a dude! This picture is obviously a modern day, less than accurate picture, but if you imagine this woman with facial hair you may get the idea better. What I'm saying is, even though she was considered a pharaoh, her life wasn't all rosy. However, that didn't stop good ol' Cleo from finding a man of her own, no way! Just wait until I tell you of some of her relationships!

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MadisonB said...

heyy mrs.hobbssss
i love your background and infor!
i like hoe you put yourself in the text to!(:
keep up the good work!!!
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